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Laura Flores - Mixed Motion Art

Laura Flores

Founder, Co-owner , all around diva. Laura was born to dance and perform. She has been doing it all her life and has a gift for sharing her vast knowledge enthusiastically. Be sure to check out any class she’s teaching and expect to be satisfied when you leave. Also, make sure you watch her perform, she’s amazing!

  • Sassy 100%
  • Attitude 100%
  • Enthusiasm 100%
Del Dominguez - Mixed Motion Art

Del Dominguez

Creative guru, Co-owner, technician. Del is passionate about figuring things out and refining them to the best of his ability. This goes with his dancing, his art and his teaching. Known as a refined dancer and meticulous instructor, Del’s mission is to make MMA the go-to destination for higher learning in social Latin dance.

  • Technician 100%
  • Creator 100%
  • Closet nerd 100%
Freddy Ovalle - Mixed Motion Art

Freddy Ovalle

Like butter, pattern master. Freddy has been an active member of the Latin dance scene and has developed a reputation as one of the smoothest and funky leads in the Latin dance landscape. He’s also a combination master and he always creating new ways to challenge his students in class and his partners on the dance floor!

  • Creativity 100%
  • Finesse 100%
  • Smoooooth 100%
Macho - Mixed Motion Art


joyful, loved by all. Macho has inserted himself into the hearts and minds of everyone who has stepped foot in MMA. As the resident studio greeter, look for Macho to welcome you with open paws to join the MMA family. Feel free to play fetch or tug with him if he brings you one of his favorite toys!

  • Chew- Chew 100%
  • Play-Play 100%
  • Love <3 100%

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We’ve developed the tools and methods to get you from beginner to advanced dancer…or somewhere in between that is just right for you.

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Work as fast or as slow as you desire. If you really can show us you’ve got it, we’ll keep offering more and more ways to challenge you on your way to becoming a better dancer.

How to not freak out when you suddenly lose timing

Hello, True Believers! Have you ever been dancing, and realized that out of nowhere you've suddenly fallen off time with the music? Losing the beat so suddenly is a strange phenomenon that happens to beginner and intermediate dancers and they never quite know what to...

How To Take a Private Lesson The Right Way

Greetings once again True Believers. Today I'd like to discuss a personal observation I've seen come up enough times to become a pattern. Many times on this blog I'll explain observations that other people have noted comma this was all coming from me. Among the many...

Good Enough

A few weekends ago, I had a very special experience. Mostly because I got a chance to hang out with my whole dance company as we attended the final social of a prominent dance group named Modern Clave. It also helped greatly that I got a chance to eat Sushi with the...

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