Mixed Motion Art is the home of the finest Salsa dance lessons in Chicago. We also provide a variety of other, contemporary Latin dance lessons as well. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our amazing community!

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Meet the Owners

Laura Flores and Del Dominguez founded Mixed Motion Art to bring a new level of refinement, style and technique to contemporary Latin club dancing. Best of all, they make it fun!

Find your shine!

Join us for our workshop style classes and we might even have you do a footwork challenge! Seth has been our ‘Mambo Jam’ champion several times and our students have a great time dancing for the belt!

Party Time!

Look out for one of our awesome student social dance events! Practice your moves to the most popular Latin dance styles like Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata and more, MMA is the place to be!

I took a trial lesson with a ladyfriend at Mixed Motion Arts on a dare and loved every moment! Instructor was crazy good and somehow managed to teach this newbie how not to look like a newbie…For the best salsa lessons in Chicago, Mixed Motion Arts is the place to go.

Julian Camacho


More than just a dance studio! A place to learn, grow, cultivate a passion and meet some of the nicest, healthiest peeps on the planet!! Run don’t just walk to get there!!!

Madonna Nash

current MMA student

Del and Laura built up my foundation and skills as a dancer, and I cannot say enough good things about them. Great people at the studio and you do see a lot of improvement. I highly recommend this place.

Natasha Mao

former MMA student now residing in Texas

I am so glad I took the leap to learn how to dance at MMA. Dancing was out of my comfort zone and MMA made it comfortable to learn through amazing instruction. Laura and Del make MMA a fun place to forget about life for a few hours a week and just dance

Miguel Angel Gomez

current MMA student

How to be a DB

In the ongoing battle between the sexes and social dynamics that exist in our Latin dance community, I’ve noticed something that I’m 100% not cool with. Well, lot’s of things I’m not cool with that I’ve mused about in this very blog.  These days when I can make it out to a nightclub or social dance event, I enjoy sitting and watching the scene and the talent that exists in our community. As I watch and chat with friends and students, I am allowed a unique perspective on some of the things that are going on between people on the dance floor as well as the latest happenings in the scene. Thankfully, there are so many unique interactions between men and women that I can write about these things for days! One thing that bites my ass is when I see the following: men teaching women on the dance floor or at the weekly studio social. There are countless reasons why this is a douchebag thing to do but I’d like to touch on a couple right now. You see, the social dance floor / club is not a place of learning, despite what some might think. Many times guys will take it upon themselves to start instructing a girl while they’re dancing as if they were teaching a private lesson. Now, I’ve given plenty of classes at clubs before the night starts but, once the social dancing starts, instruction is gone. Point number 1: the night club/ social dance setting is not a place to teach someone. Why exactly do these people think it’s okay to offer unsolicited... read more

Don’t be snooty…

I’ve run across a few people lately who have reminded of something that I find peculiar. I’m talking about people from other dance disciples who come into the Latin dance world and immediately think they know what’s going on as if there was nothing to learn. What sometimes makes it hard for our dance community to be taken seriously is the lack of codification and standards that we all agree upon. I get that. While I don’t see that changing anytime soon, I do agree that there are things that are common to the scene and plenty of concepts and ideas to learn if you choose to explore ‘street style’ Latin dance. It’s quite expansive when you get into our style of dance. Nowadays, I even hesitate to call it street style because of the growth that has happened over the last 15 years. I vividly recall watching old VHS tapes from a guy named Arthur who went to Congresses when they were held. Mind you, they were a much bigger deal as there were considerably less events that we have in the present day. When I started dancing more actively, I would constantly hear of three major congresses of note and those were in New York, LA and Puerto Rico. This was the first glimpse I got that there was more to this Latin dancing thing than I was seeing in Chicago. Watching those old tapes now lets me know how far we’ve really come. It’s quite amazing. So you can imagine how I would feel if I met someone who thinks because they are versed in a... read more

Do you hover?

How to connect better as a follow in partner dancing. It seems like not a day goes by in dance class where I’m presented with a new challenge to overcome. If it’s not the guys asking questions about how to execute a pattern its the ladies wondering how to style during a movement. To say my students keep me on my toes would be an understatement. They always inspire new thoughts and ideas in me which ultimately make me a better teacher. As my students inquire about new things, I am always presented with an opportunity to address a situation in a manner that is clear and speaks to the specific individual. Naturally, there are common mistakes that students make on both the lead and follow side of the equation and I’d like to take this time to address one of these situations now. Hopefully by the end of this post, the follows who read this will have a better sense of this problem and an actionable way to correct the issue. If the suspense isn’t killing you yet, I’m speaking about the dreaded ‘hovercraft’ syndrome. If you’ve seen Star Wars or Back to the Future, you’ve no doubt seen these awesome vehicles which hover without actually touching the floor. It’s a sci-fi fixture and is something every nerdy fan like myself dreams of one day riding. But wait, how does a hovercraft have anything to do with Latin dancing? Well, glad you asked! Get the hell out of my way A lot, and I do mean A LOT of the time, women in dance class can be, how to best... read more

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