Mixed Motion Art is the home of the finest Salsa dance classes in Chicago. We also specialize in a variety of other, contemporary Latin dance styles as well. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our amazing community!

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Work with our amazing instructors

Mixed Motion Art is committed to working with the best and most passionate Salsa and Latin dance instructors in Chicago. Each person brings their own style and flair in order to help you find YOUR voice as you learn to dance.

Find your shine!

Join us for our workshop style classes and we might even have you do a footwork challenge! Seth has been our ‘Mambo Jam’ champion several times and our students have a great time dancing for the belt!

Party Time!

Look out for one of our awesome social dance events! Playing all of the most popular Latin dance styles like Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata and more, MMA throw’s dancing parties like no one else!

I took a trial lesson with a ladyfriend at Mixed Motion Arts on a dare and loved every moment! Instructor was crazy good and somehow managed to teach this newbie how not to look like a newbie…For the best salsa lessons in Chicago, Mixed Motion Arts is the place to go.

Julian Camacho


More than just a dance studio! A place to learn, grow, cultivate a passion and meet some of the nicest, healthiest peeps on the planet!! Run don’t just walk to get there!!!

Madonna Nash

current MMA student

Del and Laura built up my foundation and skills as a dancer, and I cannot say enough good things about them. Great people at the studio and you do see a lot of improvement. I highly recommend this place.

Natasha Mao

former MMA student now residing in Texas

I am so glad I took the leap to learn how to dance at MMA. Dancing was out of my comfort zone and MMA made it comfortable to learn through amazing instruction. Laura and Del make MMA a fun place to forget about life for a few hours a week and just dance

Miguel Angel Gomez

current MMA student

I already know how to dance but…

Hello again true believers, I just finished doing some dance practice and am now sitting down to write another blog before I take Macho to play. A funny thing was said to me which I’ve heard a million times since I started dancing and teaching but never paid...

From the class to the club

I have mentioned in the past how I love dancing in new cities as it gives me the thrill of something fresh and new. No disrespect to all of the amazing follows in Chicago, but dancing with new people always brings me an excited energy that I remember from my days as a...

Bonus: Great beginner friendly Salsa music

I received a great comment in my post about finding the beat in Salsa music. I was asked about some great songs that would be beginner friendly and figured I would shoot out a quick post and share this with everyone. The following songs are nice and chill and not too...

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